Finding motivation to keep going

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in or belong anymore. You go away, come back and everything at home has stayed the same but you have grown in so many ways. People you once connected with cannot relate to you and what you have experienced. For me coming home after volunteering for over 3 months and then traveling around Europe for 2-3 months meant as a person I had evolved. My outlook and perspective on life had completely changed. It was harder than I thought coming back and having to fit in again.

Uni wasn’t starting back for several months and I was in desperate need of money. I went back to my job at the pet store, but my values and understanding of animal welfare and suffering caused me to be in conflict with the people I worked for. I wanted to do something to help the animals that found themselves being sold at a pet shop, but I knew I couldn’t continue working there. So I chose to move on.

Eventually I got a job as a receptionist/dog grooming assistant where I met wonderful people who I am still in contact with today. Although it didn’t have the same satisfaction as working with the gibbons, I knew nothing could compare. I worked at the dog groomers for the next several years among other casual jobs and traveling when I could. During my time at the groomers I was introduced to the wonderful world of Dog Listening by Jan Fennell. My passion for dog behaviour/communication grew immensely over the next several years, leading me to complete the graduate course in Dog Listening.

Once uni started back, it was tough. However I had a new prospective and was more inclined to learn and finish what I had started. Taking the year off was definitely worth it for me. At the end of 2008, I successfully passed my course and completed my bachelor degree! Such relief!

If like me you’re struggling to find meaning in your university course, are distracted in life, want to change careers, you are not alone. I know its hard. I have walked towards a dead end many times throughout my life, thinking to myself that I cannot continue this path. You will never know if you make the right choice, but making the decision to try is good enough. Don’t expect others to make you happy, you must follow your own dream and make yourself happy first.

I remember when I was in my last year of high school, my teachers and advisors told me, they couldn’t help me with my career choice. They couldn’t help advise which university course to take, because what I wanted to do was unusual, it wasn’t the money making career choice most kids chose. My teachers told me to try get into something else, to have a second and third option. But I didn’t have any. I only wanted to work in some way with animals. People used to tell me I was lucky I knew what I wanted to do, but let me tell you, it has not been easy and I have received many knock backs along my journey. But if you are truly passionate in something, you will continue to make it a reality.

Life has handed me many twists and turns and to this day I am still learning. I still have so much to learn and discover about animals, their welfare, rehabilitation and the struggles they face in the wild. Finding jobs and working with animals is not easy. I’m still not where I want to be, but that’s okay. I’m on a journey and I am enjoying every new experience. I am taking everything as a learning opportunity to grow as a person and become an ambassador for animals around the world.

If you are still in high school and have been told by all your teachers that you MUST know what you want to do for the rest of your life, it’s just bullshit! That’s too much pressure to know at such a young age. Find something that interests you now and work towards it, but don’t think it’s something you have to do forever. Nothing is forever. Gone are the days where people stay in the same company for 20+ years.
There is so much to do and see and experience in this world. If you choose something now but a few years down the track you’re not happy anymore, find out what it is that makes you happy and work towards it. Volunteer somewhere, research online or enroll in a new course. Do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be.

Happiness is your goal in life. If you’re happy, you will reflect that in your every day life and attract the right people. With new friends, brings new opportunities. You need to be responsible for your happiness and not depend on someone else to make you happy. Change your life for the better. We as humans are always changing, don’t ever regret what you have already done, because those experiences have made you who you are today. Just look forward and discover what else there is to see, do and learn.

I’m not making a lot of money, especially whilst living in London! But I’m living, I’m traveling and I have two beautiful animals that I am responsible for. I have so much love around me, that’s really all anyone could ask for.

Friends come and go, enjoy who you have around you now. If life starts becoming mundane change it. Get out there and find people who you have an interest with now. Surround yourself with people that you can learn from, not people that are putting you down, discouraging you or holding you back.

Power to you, to do what you love and to be happy. Being happy and content with life is so important. We only get one chance at life, so learn and experience as much as you can and keep smiling! Never stop learning and educating yourself. Explore what the world has to offer, volunteer with animals and help a life more broken than yours! Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be. Keep going, otherwise you will miss out on what the world has to offer.

Much love xx

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  1. I have felt this way so many times, but could never put it into words. When you spend time abroad and then come home, it really does feel like you don’t fit in anymore. I love this post and the encouragement you’ve added.

  2. I am totally empathise with you here! I know this feeling very well. I travelled for a year after quitting my job of four years (which I hated) and I changed, a lot. When I returned I finally thought, fuck it, I’m gona go back to college as a mature student and follow my dream (I’d been too scared to go back after leaving uni the first time around). I have just graduate with honours and will be starting my masters in Sep. It was the best decision I ever made.
    So thank you for sharing your feelings and your story…it’s inspiring. People need to know they have the power to take control of their own lives and follow their hearts! Anything is possible if you want if bad enough.
    K x

    1. I’m so glad you took the leap and enrolled into something that you were passionate about. Life will always surprise us, but what I have found is, whenever I return from some time abroad I am always much more confident and willing to try something new! Good for you and goodluck with your masters. You are an inspiration too!

  3. Thank you for sharing – very inspirational. Everyone tells you to follow your heart, but when your heart tells you to do something off the beaten path, they respond saying, “oh, I didn’t mean like that!” My goal right now is to quit my office job, move out of my apartment, and go live in a van and travel around the US.
    I think you have to just wander around sometimes until you’ve found the thing that makes you happy – and then when you find it, just latch onto it and never let go.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That’s exactly right. I just want people to know that what ever their heart is telling them to do, they should at least try.
      Living in a van for a period of time is definitely a goal of mind too! I hope you can make it a reality sooner rather than later. Goodluck!

  4. Great post. Super relevant to many people. I’m going through the same thing now since I started travelling and I feel super disconnected from my military life.

    1. I’m sorry you are going through the same thing now, but at least you know you are not alone. There are a bunch of us having felt or are still feeling this way. I hope you get the chance to do what it is that you love!

  5. Great post. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep going, you get caught in “Dips,” when you’re really unsure of what to do next or if you’ve made the right decisions. This shows that if you stick to what you love and keep persevering, it’ll eventually work itself out.

    1. It’s definitely difficult to keep going, specially if you are struggling in your day to day life and no one understands you anymore. All you can do is decide what it is you need and want and work towards that.

  6. Your post has some real home truths there. Reminded me a little of my first marriage if I’m honest. He was away all the time and when he had come home I was still growing a women meeting new people and doing new things and eventually we grew apart. I think a key factor is being comfortable in your own company as we are always growing as people. (The same person with more to us) I know the feeling of loneliness is scary sometimes to, but it can also be your best friend. A great touching read girl!

    1. Thank you for your story and truthfulness. Its refreshing. You are definitely right, loneliness is scary for many people. However when I am traveling on my own, I learn the most about myself and grow so much more as a person. Well done to you for following your heart and doing what you felt was right for you at the time. That takes a lot of guts. All the best for the future!

  7. Ugh I can totally relate!! I’m so glad I read this, today of all days…I definitely needed to hear it! I’m also truly grateful to you for being a voice for animals as well.

    1. Im so glad I can be there for you in a time of need, even if it is via this post. Thanks again for your kind words, animals always need more people willing to speak out for them! Take care of yourself xx

  8. Excellent perspective. Happiness is certainly the most important thing. And if you know where you want to go and how you plan to get there, a short burst of mundane activity (like being stuck in a university course you need to graduate or in a job that’s just okay to help you save for your next adventure) can be much less unpleasant. <3

    1. You are right! However sometimes we don’t have a plan on how we want to get to where we want. We can just try, maybe fail but as long as you keep trying and learning along the way, then that’s a great outcome!

  9. Powerful message.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I believe we as humans are not taught at home or in school to not give up in our dreams as much as we should. We learn to limit ourselves and we live in fear of dreaming crazy dreams that we would like to live one day. Life gets hard and we are not mentally strong to keep going towards our dreams. I agree with you about following your own dream as I quote Jim Rohn when he said, ” You’ve got to dream Dreams…Without dreams and vision people parish”.

    “Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be”. I wonder, if you had more money would you go make more experiences?

    Which brings me to another hypothetical question. If you inherited $15 million dollars. How would you use that money?

    You have the makings of a great ambassador to animals that could potentially change history.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and your thoughts. You are right, we are told to dream, but only to a certain extent. If it gets too hard, not everyone is strong willed enough to pursue it. It’s tough. Specially when you need to support yourself and potentially a family. I do like the quote you mentioned. Its very true.

  10. Hey you have it right….happiness is most important. Have you ever heard this story?

    A teacher asked the class to write down what they wanted to be when they got older.
    One kid wrote – ‘Happy’
    The teach said – ‘You have misunderstood the question dear’.
    The kid said – ‘no miss, you misunderstand life’

    powerful huh

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